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Central Youth Hostel In Chisinau

Chisinau’s most central, trendiest value hostel catering for the budget traveller…Only 6 euro per night!
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How to get to Chisinau from:
Transdiestr (Tiraspol)

Would you like to travel in time back to USSR? You have to go to Tiraspol –capital of "independent" Pridnestrovian Moldovan Republic. You can see the symbols of Soviet times - hammer and sickle, red star reflected on the coat of arms of PMR. And much more if you book your tour per 10 euro! Contact us...

New regulations on the Transdniestr border:

No visa is required. No invitation letter is required to transit or stay in Transdniestr. Transit of Transdniestr and a 24 hours stay is free and a fee of about 2 USD is applied for a longer stay. Foreign travellers do need to register with the OVIR or militia office in the nearest majour town if staying in Transdniestr for more than 24 hours.

Many exchange offices are situated on the main street of Tiraspol ( 25 October). Where you can change your money from 9 am until 8 pm

How to get from Chisinau to Transdniestr:

Buses depart from the Central Bus station in Chisinau every 20-35 minutes from 6:30 am and untill 7 pm daily. Cost of the ticket one way is about 2 EURO. The trip to Tiraspol  takes 1 hour and a half stopping at the border after 1 hour of journey.

Local train to Bender leaves from Chisinau daily in the morning, but can be used only by locals. There is no passport control point on its way. So all foreign travellers has to get off at Varnitza and get by bus/car to Bender border crossing to enter Transdniestr. By train you can get to Bender and Tiraspol only on train 66 Chisinau-Moscow leaving Chisinau at 22:35 and arriving to Bender/Tiraspol around 12 midnight.

Budget place to sleep in Tiraspol:
Hotel "Aist"

Hotel is situated in downtown of Tiraspol.

Single room is 200 Rubles/ nigth   15 euro


pereulok Naberezhnyi 3


Transdniestr Republic 

Other accommodation in Tiraspol:
Hotel "Timoty"

Single room is 50 euro

395A, Karl Libknecht str
Transdniestr Republic
Place to See inTiraspol:

Tiraspol has no history museum but the illustrated panels outside the city administration building, House of  Soviets (Dom Sovetov), trace the city's history from 1792, when it became part of the Russian empire through to the 1990s.

A statue of  Lenin is in front of the House of Soviets. Inside the building is a memorial to those who died in the 1992 military conflict.Close by at ulitsa Kommunisticheskaya 34 is the Museum of Headquarters; open 11 am to 6 pm Monday to Saturday.

On ulitsa 25 Oktober stands a Soviet armoured tank from which the Transdniestran flag flies today. Behind is the Tomb of the Unknow Soldier, flanked by an eternal flame in memory of those who died on 3 March 1992 during the first outbreak of fighting. The inscription in Russian reads "You don't have a name but your deeds are eternal." Those who died in the subsequent war are buried in the city cemetery , north of the centre, where a special alley has been allocated to the 1992 war victims.

At ulitsa 25 October 42 is the house museum of Nikolai Dimitriovich Zelinskogo (1866-1953), the poet who founded the first Soviet school of chemistry; open 9 am to 5 pm Monday to Saturday. Opposite is the Presidential Palace .

The Drama Theatre, pictured on the 50,000 rouble bill, is at ulitsa 25 Oktober. Close by is the university, founded in 1930.

In front of is a statue of Chmelnistki , pictured on the reverse side of the same bill.

To the side of the Kino Cinema on ulitsa  Lenina is a 1918 October revolution memorial ,erected to mark the 50th anniversary of the Russian revolution. Big plans are being made to celebrate its100th birthday in 2017


Stay in the best location of Chisinau! And the best price!

Central Youth Hostel In Chisinau

Only 6 euro per night!

Moldova info:
Moldova  top attractions
 Chisinau top attractions
Place to eat
Place to dance
Place to drink
How to get from Chisinau to:
Transdiestr (Tiraspol)


Pizza in Moldova Kishinev Chisinau

  Andy's pizza Moldova  Chisinau Kishinev, Stefan cel Mare 169

  A'Pizza Moldova  Chisinau Kishinev, Stefan cel Mare 3

  Damas-Plus Moldova  Chisinau Kishinev, Dacia bd. 30/1

  Doca Plus Pizza Moldova  Chisinau Kishinev, Mircea cel Batrin 23/3

  Pizza de Italia Moldova  Chisinau Kishinev, Renasterii bd. 21

  Napolis Pizza Moldova  Chisinau Kishinev, Renasterii bd. 6

  Pan Pizza Moldova  Chisinau Kishinev, Dacia bd. 20

  Pizza Magic Moldova  Chisinau Kishinev, Neaga 1/1

  Pizza Palermo Moldova  Chisinau Kishinev, Decebal bd. 22/1

  Pizza Regal  Moldova  Chisinau Kishinev, Banulescu-Bodoni 20/1

  Pizza Rondo Moldova  Chisinau Kishinev, Pelivan 15/1

  Pizza Star Moldova  Chisinau Kishinev, Dacia bd. 44

  Villa Pizza  Moldova  Chisinau Kishinev, Puskin 12

Restaurants in Moldova Kishinev Chisinau

Alaverdy  Moldova Chisinau Kishinev, Moscovei bd. 1/2

Beermania  Moldova Chisinau Kishinev, Alexandru cel Bun 83

Big Deal  Moldova Chisinau Kishinev, Mitropolit Varlaam 69 "À"

Cactus  Moldova Chisinau Kishinev, Armeana 41

Caravan  Moldova Chisinau Kishinev, Eminescu 64

Doco  Moldova Chisinau Kishinev, Gagarin 5/3

Dublin Irish Pub  Moldova Chisinau Kishinev, Bolgara 27

El Paso  Moldova Chisinau Kishinev, Armeana 10

Flamingo  Moldova Chisinau Kishinev, Tabacaria Veche 23

Fusion-cafe Jeraffe  Moldova Chisinau Kishinev, Ismail 84

Golonca  Moldova Chisinau Kishinev, Dimo 1/1

Grill House  Moldova Chisinau Kishinev, Armeana 24

Hutoroc  Moldova Chisinau Kishinev, Alexandri V. 68

Kavkazkaya Plennitsa Chisinau Kishinev, Kiev 5/3

Kinomania  Moldova Chisinau Kishinev, Brincusi 3

La Roma. Restaurant  Moldova Chisinau Kishinev, Albisoara 40/1

La Taifas  Moldova Chisinau Kishinev, Bucuresti 67

Leonardo da Vinci  Moldova Chisinau Kishinev, Puskin 32

Madame Bovary  Moldova Chisinau Kishinev, Mateevici 47

Magnolia Moldova Chisinau Kishinev, Renasterii bd. 33/1

Place to see in Moldova

Moldova Chisinau Kishinev :the Arc de Triomphe (1846), Cathedral Park and etc.

Moldova Chisinau Kishinev The Victory memorial (1945)

Moldova Chisinau Kishinev The famous Government House & Parliament House

Moldova Chisinau Kishinev The Pushkin Museum and etk.

Moldova Chisinau Kishinev The ancient Russian Orthodox Cathedrals

Moldova Chisinau Kishinev Monasteries & convents

Moldova Chisinau Kishinev Street Stefan cel Mare

Moldova Chisinau Kishinev The Exhibition Hall

Moldova Chisinau Kishinev Parks & Lakes

Moldova Chisinau Kishinev The Expo- Business Chisinau

Moldova Chisinau Kishinev Lenin monument (Communizm)

Moldova Chisinau Kishinev The museums & theatres

Moldova Chisinau Kishinev Jewish Chisinau

Cricova Moldova

Moldova Cojushna

Strasheni, Recea & Romaneshti Moldova

Ialoveni, Mileshtii Mici Moldova

Orhei Moldova

Cipovo Moldova

Balti, Rezina & Lalova Moldova

Soroca Moldova

Gagauzia Moldova

Comrat Moldova





 Apartment rental                                                 Budget hotels

Place to stay:

Hotels in Moldova Kishinev Chisinau

Briz - Moldova  Vadul-lui-Voda,

Budapest Moldova  Chisinau Kishinev, Timis 19

Codru Moldova Chisinau Kishinev, 31 August  127

Flowers  Moldova Chisinau Kishinev, Anestiade 7

Gloria  Moldova Chisinau Kishinev, Pietrariei 9/1

 Malini Moldova Chisinau Kishinev, Arheolog Ion Casian Suruceanu 17/2

Jolly Alon Moldova Chisinau Kishinev, M. Cebotari 37

Laguna - on coast of Dnestr Moldova  s.Molovata Noua. r-nul Dubasar, 31 August 1989

Leogrand  & Convention Center**** Moldova Chisinau Kishinev, Mitropolit Varlaam 77

Luna Moldova Chisinau Kishinev, Petru Movila 4

Mini Moldova Chisinau Kishinev, Poamei 17

Nobil Club  Moldova Chisinau Kishinev, Stefan cel Mare 132

Villa Fortuna Moldova Chisinau Kishinev, Buiucani 13a

Villa Natali Moldova Chisinau Kishinev, Sfatul Tarii 15

VisPas Moldova Chisinau Kishinev, Lapusneanu 26

Zimbru  Moldova Chisinau Kishinev, Dacia bd. 45

Chisinau Moldova Chisinau Kishinev, Negruzzi bd. 7

Cosmos  Moldova Chisinau Kishinev, Negruzzi bd. 2

Dacia Moldova Chisinau Kishinev, 31 August 1989 135

Elat Moldova Chisinau Kishinev, Columna 140/1

Hotel "Vila Verde" Moldova Chisinau Kishinev, Grenoble 110

 “Stella de lux” Moldova Chisinau Kishinev, Bolgara 26

Jazz Moldova Chisinau Kishinev, Vlaicu Pircalab 72

National  Moldova Kishinev, Stefan cel Mare 2

Passepartout Moldova Chisinau Kishinev, Kogalniceanu 62

Turist Moldova Chisinau Kishinev,

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