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Central Youth Hostel In Chisinau

Chisinau’s most central, trendiest value hostel catering for the budget traveller…
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How to get to Chisinau from:
Bucharest- Chisinau
Brasov- Chisinau
Iasi- Chisinau
Kiev- Chisinau
Odessa- Chisinau
Liviv- Chisinau
Chernovci- Chisinau
Tiraspol- Chisinau

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  Ramirez Calzado Alejandro Esp  

7 April 2011

What a great place to stay! Small but very well-centered, in downtown and in a very charming old house. The staff is very friendly, always eager to help you with any kind of information. Services are great. I highly recommend this place.


  Baer Thomas  Francaise  

5 April 2011

I am erally suprised. I didn't expect such a helpful staff. THe owner helped me to get to the hostel, even It was a late hour. THere was a clean bathroom, kitchen, beds, and in addition I met some nice people. I reccommend this place in 100%


  Simo-Pekka Tapio Finland  

4 April 2011

LOcation, cleanliness, staff


  Kevin Barry  

4 April 2011

Lady is very nice, helpful and speak excellent  English.  I used wifi in well known fast food joint. Good location minutes from main street. Suitable for those on a tight budget who want a cheap place to sleep. Also 6 minutes walk to great classy bar ' The Jazz Cafe ' ABOVE Muz Kareoke Cafe nr petrol station. Live music, free entry and only 1 Euro a draught pint ! Taxis are dirt cheap in Chisanau.


  Brianna Paquette  

1 April 2011

This was a nice hostel, cheap, clean, the owners of it were helpful . It was a nice place to stay, easy to walk to everything you need to. I would recommend staying in this hostel if you go to Chisnau, its a beautiful city and the hostel made you feel safe .


  Iain Walker  

30 March 2011

It was in a generally good location and I met other people I could sight-see with :)


  Hrvojka Skokovic  
28 March 2011 Great staff and friendliness. Great location.


  Salvatore Dimarco  

25 March 2011

This is the best hostel we've ever stayed in Chisinau!!! Clean and comfortable, perfect location, extremely friendly staff!!! :) Svetlana helped us a lot during our holidays in Chisinau! She was our guide to the best places in the city! We felt just like home! Thanks a lot for that! Without her we wouldn't have had so much fun! Next time we'll definitely stay in this hostel again! We'd recommend it t everyone! It was awesome! :)


  Darrel Rodewald   USA  

24 March 2011

Just a review from a first time visitor to Moldova. Didn't know what to expect but all turned for the best. Wonderful city, people, and the host Svetlana was most helpful .from the first moment I planned on staying for 4-5 days but I'm still here and may never leave !! All her facilities are always keep very clean and somebody will always be around if need be. 


  Paul Hosking  
20 March 2011 Waw ! I am amazed and surprised just has friendly and hospitable Moldova is! From the delicious (and very very affordable!) wine, to the great cuisine and the very nice people (and the beautiful girls!). I really recommend that anyone , that wants to visit this somewhere a bit special, and a bit different , should visit this amazing country. And thanks must be made to Svetlana for being a super host, and for looking after me in my stay in Chisinau, I will definitely return  one day, thank you so much!



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Moldova info:
Moldova  top attractions
 Chisinau top attractions
Place to eat
Place to dance
Place to drink
How to get from Chisinau to:
Chisinau- Bucharest
Chisinau- Brasov
Chisinau- Iasi
Chisinau- Kiev
Chisinau- Odessa
Chisinau- Liviv
Chisinau- Chernovci
Chisinau- Tiraspol


Pizza in Moldova Kishinev Chisinau

  Andy's pizza Moldova  Chisinau Kishinev, Stefan cel Mare 169

  A'Pizza Moldova  Chisinau Kishinev, Stefan cel Mare 3

  Damas-Plus Moldova  Chisinau Kishinev, Dacia bd. 30/1

  Doca Plus Pizza Moldova  Chisinau Kishinev, Mircea cel Batrin 23/3

  Pizza de Italia Moldova  Chisinau Kishinev, Renasterii bd. 21

  Napolis Pizza Moldova  Chisinau Kishinev, Renasterii bd. 6

  Pan Pizza Moldova  Chisinau Kishinev, Dacia bd. 20

  Pizza Magic Moldova  Chisinau Kishinev, Neaga 1/1

  Pizza Palermo Moldova  Chisinau Kishinev, Decebal bd. 22/1

  Pizza Regal  Moldova  Chisinau Kishinev, Banulescu-Bodoni 20/1

  Pizza Rondo Moldova  Chisinau Kishinev, Pelivan 15/1

  Pizza Star Moldova  Chisinau Kishinev, Dacia bd. 44

  Villa Pizza  Moldova  Chisinau Kishinev, Puskin 12

Restaurants in Moldova Kishinev Chisinau

Alaverdy  Moldova Chisinau Kishinev, Moscovei bd. 1/2

Beermania  Moldova Chisinau Kishinev, Alexandru cel Bun 83

Big Deal  Moldova Chisinau Kishinev, Mitropolit Varlaam 69 "À"

Cactus  Moldova Chisinau Kishinev, Armeana 41

Caravan  Moldova Chisinau Kishinev, Eminescu 64

Doco  Moldova Chisinau Kishinev, Gagarin 5/3

Dublin Irish Pub  Moldova Chisinau Kishinev, Bolgara 27

El Paso  Moldova Chisinau Kishinev, Armeana 10

Flamingo  Moldova Chisinau Kishinev, Tabacaria Veche 23

Fusion-cafe Jeraffe  Moldova Chisinau Kishinev, Ismail 84

Golonca  Moldova Chisinau Kishinev, Dimo 1/1

Grill House  Moldova Chisinau Kishinev, Armeana 24

Hutoroc  Moldova Chisinau Kishinev, Alexandri V. 68

Kavkazkaya Plennitsa Chisinau Kishinev, Kiev 5/3

Kinomania  Moldova Chisinau Kishinev, Brincusi 3

La Roma. Restaurant  Moldova Chisinau Kishinev, Albisoara 40/1

La Taifas  Moldova Chisinau Kishinev, Bucuresti 67

Leonardo da Vinci  Moldova Chisinau Kishinev, Puskin 32

Madame Bovary  Moldova Chisinau Kishinev, Mateevici 47

Magnolia Moldova Chisinau Kishinev, Renasterii bd. 33/1

Place to see in Moldova

Moldova Chisinau Kishinev :the Arc de Triomphe (1846), Cathedral Park and etc.

Moldova Chisinau Kishinev The Victory memorial (1945)

Moldova Chisinau Kishinev The famous Government House & Parliament House

Moldova Chisinau Kishinev The Pushkin Museum and etk.

Moldova Chisinau Kishinev The ancient Russian Orthodox Cathedrals

Moldova Chisinau Kishinev Monasteries & convents

Moldova Chisinau Kishinev Street Stefan cel Mare

Moldova Chisinau Kishinev The Exhibition Hall

Moldova Chisinau Kishinev Parks & Lakes

Moldova Chisinau Kishinev The Expo- Business Chisinau

Moldova Chisinau Kishinev Lenin monument (Communizm)

Moldova Chisinau Kishinev The museums & theatres

Moldova Chisinau Kishinev Jewish Chisinau

Cricova Moldova

Moldova Cojushna

Strasheni, Recea & Romaneshti Moldova

Ialoveni, Mileshtii Mici Moldova

Orhei Moldova

Cipovo Moldova

Balti, Rezina & Lalova Moldova

Soroca Moldova

Gagauzia Moldova

Comrat Moldova





 Apartment rental                                                 Budget hotels

Place to stay:

Hotels in Moldova Kishinev Chisinau

Briz - Moldova  Vadul-lui-Voda,

Budapest Moldova  Chisinau Kishinev, Timis 19

Codru Moldova Chisinau Kishinev, 31 August  127

Flowers  Moldova Chisinau Kishinev, Anestiade 7

Gloria  Moldova Chisinau Kishinev, Pietrariei 9/1

 Malini Moldova Chisinau Kishinev, Arheolog Ion Casian Suruceanu 17/2

Jolly Alon Moldova Chisinau Kishinev, M. Cebotari 37

Laguna - on coast of Dnestr Moldova  s.Molovata Noua. r-nul Dubasar, 31 August 1989

Leogrand  & Convention Center**** Moldova Chisinau Kishinev, Mitropolit Varlaam 77

Luna Moldova Chisinau Kishinev, Petru Movila 4

Mini Moldova Chisinau Kishinev, Poamei 17

Nobil Club  Moldova Chisinau Kishinev, Stefan cel Mare 132

Villa Fortuna Moldova Chisinau Kishinev, Buiucani 13a

Villa Natali Moldova Chisinau Kishinev, Sfatul Tarii 15

VisPas Moldova Chisinau Kishinev, Lapusneanu 26

Zimbru  Moldova Chisinau Kishinev, Dacia bd. 45

Chisinau Moldova Chisinau Kishinev, Negruzzi bd. 7

Cosmos  Moldova Chisinau Kishinev, Negruzzi bd. 2

Dacia Moldova Chisinau Kishinev, 31 August 1989 135

Elat Moldova Chisinau Kishinev, Columna 140/1

Hotel "Vila Verde" Moldova Chisinau Kishinev, Grenoble 110

 “Stella de lux” Moldova Chisinau Kishinev, Bolgara 26

Jazz Moldova Chisinau Kishinev, Vlaicu Pircalab 72

National  Moldova Kishinev, Stefan cel Mare 2

Passepartout Moldova Chisinau Kishinev, Kogalniceanu 62

Turist Moldova Chisinau Kishinev,

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