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Chisinau’s most central, trendiest value hostel catering for the budget traveller…Only 6 euro per night!
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One Day in Chisinau

There's a lot Chisinau for 1 day:

You have a short amount of time and want to see the main sights of the city in just one day? Or you love challenge? Or, ahm, whatever makes you have a race around the city , this is the route we propose taking to see a lot on your way .

To get around the city is best by foot and public transport

From the Central Youth Hostel you walk up the street Banulescu-Bodoni up to the street Columna. You pass just two crossroads. On the left you can see the Town Florist  24/24.You need to cross the road! It takes you only 5 minutes. Now you are in the main position.  Begin to have a fun in the centre, where two Chisinau's best-known parks diagonally oppose each other, representing two diamonds at the city's core. Here are the most well-known highlights of the city - the Holy Gates(1841),more commonly known as the Chisinau's Arc de Triumph. Behind of this place the Cathedral Park is dominated by the city's main Orthodox Cathedral(1836) with it’s lovely bell tower. After you can see the huge building of the Government House,  that is situated opposite the Holy Gate.


If you face the Government House, please turn right ! Now go back to the street Banulescu-Badony and cross the road. Walk straight and from the right-hand you can see the Presidential Palace, situating next to the Opera & Ballet Theatre .Opposite it the Parliament convenes in Parliament House ( the building of the former Central Communist Party committee). From the left-hand you will see the large Cinema Patria, built by German prisoners of war in 1947, and still showing films, which is situated in the northeast section of the Stefan cel Mare Park (1928)  .The  Stefan cel Mare Park is the city's main place for strolling and cruising. Following the Cinema Patria you will pass by a Classick’s Alley (free wi-fi zone). At the end you will see the beautiful fountain and the Pushkin's monument (this is one of the first monuments of the great Russian poet).

Ok, now across the Park diagonally to the Stefan cel Mare statue. The medieval prince is the greatest symbol of Moldova's strong, brave past. Every Moldovan will be happy to tell you that during Stefan's 40-years reign, he lost merely two battles (somewhere from 37 to 47).

Now you are on the Stefan cel Mare Boulevard - which length is 3.8 kilometers. Now you can cross the square ( from the left-hand the Holy Gates ,from the right-hand the Government House) and walk straight up to the Organ Hall (it was built in the beginning of the XX century by engineer M. Cherekuli-Kush for the city bank).

  The sight of the centre is the Organ Hall located on the odd side of the street. On the right of the Organ Hall, there is the building of the National Drama Theatre. There is an open exhibition between them. On the left, there is a beautiful building of City Hall, and in front of it you can see the central post office. Now we can look round to see the part of the avenue where we have already walked.

If you wanna take a nice and interesting walk, just walk on the main street until the Tighina street. Turn right and walk until the 31 August street  . Here you can also take a look at small open-air military exhibition displays Soviet-made tanks, fighter planes and other military equipment.

After go two blocks up the Mateevici street. Then turn left and walk one block up to the Ismail street. Here is the Prison Fortress.

Bounded by the A.Mateevici street and Str Ismail the Memorial Park is dominated by the Victory Memorial of the Soviet army in 1945. An eternal flame burns in the centre in the memory of Chisinau's unknown soldiers who died in WWII. Soldiers' graves are situated along the boundaries of the park and there is a small military cemetery at its northern end. In the centre of the park is a memorial devoted to those who died during the fight for Moldovan independence in the early nineties. At the far northern end of the park is the civil cemetery, known locally as the Armenian cemetery, it’s main entrance is on the corner of Str.A.Mateevici and Str.Armeneaska. The blue and silver-domed All Saints Church in the centre of the cemetery dates 1830.

At the south of the cemeteries, on the corner of Str P.Halippa and Str Vasile Alecsandri, is another Soviet memorial, with a small market opposite it.

 And please don't forget about Chisinau Zoo!
"My own city, you're a flower of stone,
That's washed upon by soft and sunny rain,
Like winds, by ages you are blown,
Like song of youth, you come to me again"

Holy Gates

Orthodox Cathedral


Cathedral bell tower


Presidential Palace

Parliament House

Opera&Ballet Theater

Stefan cel Mare Park

Classick’s Alley

Cinema Patria

Stefan cel Mare Boulevard

Ñentral Post Office

Organ Hall


Air military exhibition

Prison Fortress


Victory Memorial



Pizza in Moldova Kishinev Chisinau

  Andy's pizza Moldova  Chisinau Kishinev, Stefan cel Mare 169

  A'Pizza Moldova  Chisinau Kishinev, Stefan cel Mare 3

  Damas-Plus Moldova  Chisinau Kishinev, Dacia bd. 30/1

  Doca Plus Pizza Moldova  Chisinau Kishinev, Mircea cel Batrin 23/3

  Pizza de Italia Moldova  Chisinau Kishinev, Renasterii bd. 21

  Napolis Pizza Moldova  Chisinau Kishinev, Renasterii bd. 6

  Pan Pizza Moldova  Chisinau Kishinev, Dacia bd. 20

  Pizza Magic Moldova  Chisinau Kishinev, Neaga 1/1

  Pizza Palermo Moldova  Chisinau Kishinev, Decebal bd. 22/1

  Pizza Regal  Moldova  Chisinau Kishinev, Banulescu-Bodoni 20/1

  Pizza Rondo Moldova  Chisinau Kishinev, Pelivan 15/1

  Pizza Star Moldova  Chisinau Kishinev, Dacia bd. 44

  Villa Pizza  Moldova  Chisinau Kishinev, Puskin 12

Restaurants in Moldova Kishinev Chisinau

Alaverdy  Moldova Chisinau Kishinev, Moscovei bd. 1/2

Beermania  Moldova Chisinau Kishinev, Alexandru cel Bun 83

Big Deal  Moldova Chisinau Kishinev, Mitropolit Varlaam 69 "À"

Cactus  Moldova Chisinau Kishinev, Armeana 41

Caravan  Moldova Chisinau Kishinev, Eminescu 64

Doco  Moldova Chisinau Kishinev, Gagarin 5/3

Dublin Irish Pub  Moldova Chisinau Kishinev, Bolgara 27

El Paso  Moldova Chisinau Kishinev, Armeana 10

Flamingo  Moldova Chisinau Kishinev, Tabacaria Veche 23

Fusion-cafe Jeraffe  Moldova Chisinau Kishinev, Ismail 84

Golonca  Moldova Chisinau Kishinev, Dimo 1/1

Grill House  Moldova Chisinau Kishinev, Armeana 24

Hutoroc  Moldova Chisinau Kishinev, Alexandri V. 68

Kavkazkaya Plennitsa Chisinau Kishinev, Kiev 5/3

Kinomania  Moldova Chisinau Kishinev, Brincusi 3

La Roma. Restaurant  Moldova Chisinau Kishinev, Albisoara 40/1

La Taifas  Moldova Chisinau Kishinev, Bucuresti 67

Leonardo da Vinci  Moldova Chisinau Kishinev, Puskin 32

Madame Bovary  Moldova Chisinau Kishinev, Mateevici 47

Magnolia Moldova Chisinau Kishinev, Renasterii bd. 33/1

Place to see in Moldova

Moldova Chisinau Kishinev :the Arc de Triomphe (1846), Cathedral Park and etc.

Moldova Chisinau Kishinev The Victory memorial (1945)

Moldova Chisinau Kishinev The famous Government House & Parliament House

Moldova Chisinau Kishinev The Pushkin Museum and etk.

Moldova Chisinau Kishinev The ancient Russian Orthodox Cathedrals

Moldova Chisinau Kishinev Monasteries & convents

Moldova Chisinau Kishinev Street Stefan cel Mare

Moldova Chisinau Kishinev The Exhibition Hall

Moldova Chisinau Kishinev Parks & Lakes

Moldova Chisinau Kishinev The Expo- Business Chisinau

Moldova Chisinau Kishinev Lenin monument (Communizm)

Moldova Chisinau Kishinev The museums & theatres

Moldova Chisinau Kishinev Jewish Chisinau

Cricova Moldova

Moldova Cojushna

Strasheni, Recea & Romaneshti Moldova

Ialoveni, Mileshtii Mici Moldova

Orhei Moldova

Cipovo Moldova

Balti, Rezina & Lalova Moldova

Soroca Moldova

Gagauzia Moldova

Comrat Moldova





 Apartment rental                                                 Budget hotels

Place to stay:

Hotels in Moldova Kishinev Chisinau

Briz - Moldova  Vadul-lui-Voda,

Budapest Moldova  Chisinau Kishinev, Timis 19

Codru Moldova Chisinau Kishinev, 31 August  127

Flowers  Moldova Chisinau Kishinev, Anestiade 7

Gloria  Moldova Chisinau Kishinev, Pietrariei 9/1

 Malini Moldova Chisinau Kishinev, Arheolog Ion Casian Suruceanu 17/2

Jolly Alon Moldova Chisinau Kishinev, M. Cebotari 37

Laguna - on coast of Dnestr Moldova  s.Molovata Noua. r-nul Dubasar, 31 August 1989

Leogrand  & Convention Center**** Moldova Chisinau Kishinev, Mitropolit Varlaam 77

Luna Moldova Chisinau Kishinev, Petru Movila 4

Mini Moldova Chisinau Kishinev, Poamei 17

Nobil Club  Moldova Chisinau Kishinev, Stefan cel Mare 132

Villa Fortuna Moldova Chisinau Kishinev, Buiucani 13a

Villa Natali Moldova Chisinau Kishinev, Sfatul Tarii 15

VisPas Moldova Chisinau Kishinev, Lapusneanu 26

Zimbru  Moldova Chisinau Kishinev, Dacia bd. 45

Chisinau Moldova Chisinau Kishinev, Negruzzi bd. 7

Cosmos  Moldova Chisinau Kishinev, Negruzzi bd. 2

Dacia Moldova Chisinau Kishinev, 31 August 1989 135

Elat Moldova Chisinau Kishinev, Columna 140/1

Hotel "Vila Verde" Moldova Chisinau Kishinev, Grenoble 110

 “Stella de lux” Moldova Chisinau Kishinev, Bolgara 26

Jazz Moldova Chisinau Kishinev, Vlaicu Pircalab 72

National  Moldova Kishinev, Stefan cel Mare 2

Passepartout Moldova Chisinau Kishinev, Kogalniceanu 62

Turist Moldova Chisinau Kishinev,

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